Offensive/defensive techniques

There are two groups of techniques that are fundamental kendo Waza (techniques): 

Shikake-waza – is a group of offensive Waza that take advantage of when the opponent gets out of guard

Oji-waza is a group of defensive counter-Waza in which the kendoka first receives the attack from the opponent and then counterattack at the same time. 

SHIKAKE WAZA (Offensive techniques)

Debana Waza: striking in the exact moment when the opponent intends to deliver a strike.
Harai Waza: Offensive waza where a strike is made after deflecting an opponent's shinai, thus breaking the opponent's kamae.
Hiki Waza: from Tsuka-gashira (guard) stepping back and stroke point area.

IPPON UCHI NO WAZA: single hit, the most fundamental waza.
Katate Waza: single hand technique from a distant interval.
Nidan No Waza: striking two point areas in a single fluid attack.
Nidan Waza: two steps attack, i.e. Kote, Men.
Sandan-Waza: three steps attack, i.e. Kote – Men – Do.

OJI WAZA ((Defencive techniques)

Kaeshi Waza: block your opponent’s Shinai with your own and attack by making use of the reflexive power from your own Shinai.
Nuki Waza: lure your opponent to swing through the air then counterattack at the end of his move.
Suriage Waza: fend off the opponents Shinai by pushing up his Shinai and immediately deliver a stroke.
Uchiotoshi Waza: strike the opponents Shinai downward and strike immediately afterwards.



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