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This webite is sponsored by Leif Almo, Hon. Consul General of Japan in Malmö, Sweden, who also has done the structure. He is also President of GAK Enighet, one of the oldest (founded in 1892) and biggest martial arts clubs in the world. The club has through the years had Olympic, World, European, Scandinavian and 100´s of Swedish Champions in different martial arts. Enighet is also every year visited by eminent Japanese senseis in Kendo (picture below from 2008).

Leif Almo has trained different martial arts since 1956. In the 60´s he trained Judo and Jujitsu. 1970 he started with Karate that he still is training. In the 70´s he was also training kendo for a period in Malmö Kendo Klubb and after that this club became Enighet Kendo, a section in GAK Enighet. The club has ten sections and the following Budo arts: Aikido, Iaido, Judo, Karate, Kendo and Kyudo. He has since 1982 a Black Belt, 3 Dan, in karate.


GAK Enighet means Gymnastic & Athlete Club United (Enighet=United).

GlobalKendo.com is produced by Scandnet AB, a media company in Malmö that was founded by Leif Almo.     

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